Fujitsu -- Connection-Oriented Ethernet: The Solution for Mobile Backhaul Networks

Mobile wireless technology is evolving and, with each generation, delivers exponentially more bandwidth. Legacy mobile backhaul networks are straining to keep up, and carriers and wireless operators are faced with multiple upgrade options. However, one thing is certain: Mobile wireless services are migrating toward a completely IP-based architecture, optimally suited for a Connection-oriented Ethernet-based infrastructure.

View this on-demand Webinar and find out which implementation approach to COE is up to the challenge and how to sort through and rationalize the myriad of COE technology choices.

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View this Webinar and download a complimentary copy of two Fujitsu white papers, Connection-Oriented Ethernet – Completing the Ethernet Revolution and Connection-Oriented Ethernet: Operational and Deployment Considerations.

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Featured Speakers:

Ralph Santitoro
Market Development Director
Fujitsu Network Communications

Patrick Donegan
Senior Analyst
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Sam Lisle
Market Development Director
Fujitsu Network Communications

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